21 Stupidest Things Kids Are Actually Doing These Days

1. Drinking Bleach

2. Texting while driving (and while riding)

3. Getting tattoos

4. Getting pregnant

5. Making horrible trades

6. Not reading

7. Buying ridiculous toys

8. Doing this,

9. And this,

10. And even doing this

11. Taking pictures with iPads

12. Using the internet to get “high”

13. Needing more money

14. Getting more tattoos

15. Choking each other for fun

16. Not understanding song lyrics

17. Hating mom

18. Spending their free time doing things like this

19. Putting things where they don’t belong

20. Somehow eating this

21. This.

Source: BuzzFeed

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  1. courtney

    Number twenty is actually from a website called “college humor”. They were running a joke on someone doing a video game marathon and that was their gamer fuel.

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