analog turntable animation

Analog Animation on Turntable ..

as an extension of the Zoetrope principle.

Stuck in a Groove, Phonovideo. Phonovideo is a visual instrument used to display animations in an analog way without the help of a computer.
The music for “Stuck in a Groove” was created by Richard Eigner/ Ritornell and is also contained on the album Ritornell – Golden Solitude (karaoke kalk cd 47 / lp 52)

Phonographantasmascope is an extension of the Zoetrope principle, presented in March 2007 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

It is all live action and works by using the shutter speed of the camera rather than the rather irritating stroboscope methods other 3D Zoetropes use.

The Guruguru Kun is a device for Live displaying motion pictures. Created by Japanese artist chuuu in 2005.A unique machine for Live video performance. A similar system as old Zoopraxiscope or Stroboscope.

Sculpture, TOAD BLINKER, 45rpm LED flasher. Time interval from turning LED on and off is about 0.04s(40ms) using PIC micro controller 16F690.

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