Battle Roulette with Knives, Blind Grandma and Fat Dog

So WTF is Battle Roulette?
BR is the future of 24/7 global entertainment. You no longer need to go on the road with your band to win early fans, you do not need years of schooling,agents,street connections, money or luck. You don’t even need to speak English.

BR gives purpose to being on webcam for the millions of bands, singers, dancers, actors, musicians, magicians, comedians, gamers, rappers and anyone else with a talent around the globe. All ages can perform and battle against each other with any skill, creating original content for the audience who will play the most important part in voting for or against you.

If a lot of people dislike you,then you will be shut down.

BR is to create a new world of original content, that will not be lost in the depths of youtube or myspace but enjoyed live by millions.

Start practicing…”

We only need 100 beta testers, so sign up fast on battleroulette

Source: Reddit

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