Blonde Girl Vs Nuclear Science of MPH

Putting this video online means this guy has some big balls, cause after it hits few million views, and she becomes aware of MPH meaning one day … naaaah, he just wants to break up with her :)

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  1. asdfghjklbrit

    aww haha she means well, and 1 mile in 7 minutes is pretty impressive

  2. asdasd61m

    I can’t even watch the video till the end :D roflin’ how blond chicks can be so blond

  3. meme_queen

    The dude that made this really should buy his wife a nose & boob job. Better eyebrows, bigger tits, and a smaller nose would make her the perfect trophy wife. And if she is that absolutely retarded, she’s good for nothing else.

  4. Pablo

    Fuck this gay earth.

  5. It’s”break up” not “brake up” you illiterate numbskull.

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