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Yoda Wise

Then and Now: One Century of Artistic Effects in Post-Production

“The Cameraman’s Revenge” is a stop motion film from 1912 about infidelity among insects. Ladislaw Starewicz uses dead bugs and opens a door to a wide range of post-production possibilities.

With Today’s technology one must dig much deeper in and use all the creativity and imagination to produce memorable work of art.
As an example, filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker takes footage from the Washington Street bridge in San Diego and edits it in After Effects. “My aim is to reveal the color palette and color preferences of contemporary San Diego drivers in addition to traffic patterns and volumes. There are no CG elements, these are all real cars that have been removed from one sample and reorganized.”

Sunlight Illuminates Anhumas Abbys Through Narrow Gap

and makes spectacular underwater experience for divers.

“Anhumas Abyss is a cave that access is by a gap that exists in the Rock through vertical Rappelling techniques. To the base of the cave is 72 meters of vertical drop, until the deck on the lake of clear water. That can reach 80m. depth. The fall offers a unique overview of the cave and having the sensation of being inside the Earth. When the sunlight comes down by the gap, its reflects the colors green and blue from the magnezium and limestone in the cavern rocks”

Location: Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Pic Break #119

Pic Break #118

Pets High on Drugs After The Vet Compilation

These pets are recovering from anesthesia, combined with a “Feeling Good” song by Nina Simone ..

Pic Break #117

“Pinky” The Broken Flamingo

Chilean Flamingo named Pinky from BuschGardens in Florida often performs this toe-tapping dance for guests .. here mixed to appropriate music.

Pic Break #116

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