Weird Cayman Dolphin

Here`s the No No Dolphin ..

Uploader`s comment:

“Stinky”, the Cayman loner Dolphin – our encounter:
I have a lot of footage showing how aggressive “Stinky” (poor name) can be. It is a SERIOUSLY bad and possible dangerous idea to be in the water with him. Accidents will happen when people keep on jumping in the water when seeing Stinky.
I am a “big” guy and I didn’t stand a chance if things would have worsened!
He tried to get a grip on me to pull me down… how deep? 200, 300, 400 feet?…. how long…? Tom he pushed to the surface…. how fast…? 2, 3, 5, 10 feet per second?
I LOVE Dolphins, in fact I adore them so much seeing one nearly makes me cry…. but it remains a wild animal and Stinky is in an awkward situation which can turn him into a playful killer-machine…
Please be prudent people and get out of the water when you see him… believe me, if “he decides”…. you don’t stand the slightest chance!

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