Chalkboard Paint on a Car is a Thing Now

Cool thing to do if you’re planning to do a new paintjob, and it’s not hipsterish.

The chalk will come off with water, so after it rains, the car will be clear and ready for the next round of artwork.

To paint a hood you’ll need:
1. paint tray
2. tiny foam roller
3. rustoleum flat black (pint not can)
4. sand paper
5. krylon chalkboard paint spray
6. paint thinner

1. scuff up old clear coat till it looks chalky
2. wash the hood with a rag and warm water
3. dry hood then allow to sit for a few minuites
4. mix the rustoleum 50/50 with thinner
5. roll the paint on DONT GLOP THE ROLLER just enough to seep into the roller… if its dripping you got WAYYY TO MUCH
6. do one thin coat allow it to dry for an hour e sure to go over the hood a few times to smooth the paint out well
7. do a medium coat once again being sure its smoothed out by going back over spots occasionally
8. wait an hour then spray on the chalkboard paint.. mak sure you hold the can a foot and a half away from the hood… and go fast dont stay in one area for to long or you wil get globs the paints very thick ! so it covers very well

Pic Gallery of 1990 BMW 325i hood chalkboard paintjob

Below: UNOH students doodling on chalkboard painted car ..

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