Immortal Photo Traveling Project

Dear Photograph is future Re-Photo project .. just leave some space for another re-shoot around year 2050.

I was once as skinny as my clarinet. These days I should be playing a tuba.

I’ve watched alot of great football games for the past 20 years at Auburn. But seeing my mother tackle my grandmother is still one of the all time hall of fame moments for me.

West Point is where we first pretended we were soldiers. Forty years later,we’re both army veterans.
John and Rob.

Why can’t I feel all the color that Hallowe’en used to bring me? It’s hard to see the magic through grown up glasses…

I never thought back then that I would miss hanging out in the sticks and riding barefoot all day long. I sure took them for granted.

My grandpa used to talk softly,about this and that, and I would hang off his every word…just like I do with this memory.

At the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram.
I’m still proud of my father.
Eva Willemier Westra.

Thank you for allowing me to remember Tokyo in 1971.
Hajime Ishikawa.

Please tell Tobby I love him. I’m so sorry I didn’t have the courage to say “goodbye”…
Always in my heart,Michelle.

15 Years ago Dad took his boy fishing. Today I finally reeled in 3!
Cole Kuehn.

We’ll be gone but this will stay forever.
See more pictures here: Dear Photograph


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