Local News Bloopers of 2011

Fox 5 News Jetpack EPIC FAIL!
Sweet Dog FAIL
Gun Report FAIL
President Obama wants to raise the (Blooper)
Man Has More Pussycats Than He Can Handle
Cameraman Fitness Ball FAIL
Anchorwoman Lipdubs Anchorman
News Blooper! Anchor Cracks Up At Fart Story!!!
Reporter Insults Yo Mama
Epic Blooper Behind News Anchor
Reporter Tells Fat Kid To Stop Waving
Greatest News Camera Blooper Ever
Threw It On The Ground Reporter
Weather Lady Caught Eating On Set
Herp Derp Reporter Can’t Hear
News Blooper: Palm Springs CBS reporter gets blown away!
9news Denver
News Anchor Mocks Kardashians
Greatest Reporter Send Off Ever

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