Zombies = Toddlers

ChaosLife: Zombies Vs. Toddlers

Justin Bieber Gets Hit by Water Bottle in Brazil

The bottle knocked the microphone out of his hand, clearly angered, leaves the stage ..

Justin Bieber hit by a bottle at a concert in Brazil

Jimmy Somerville Surprises Street Musician

“We were filming him singing the song smalltown boy by Bronski Beat, when suddenly Jimmy Somerville (the original singer) comes up and joins him singing”

I suppose stranger things have happened

Star Wars Trailer Made From The Recently Revealed Blooper Reel

The Star Wars Blooper Reel Turned into a Trailer for Star Wars

The Mower Gang Helps Clean up Detroit

‘The Mower Gang’ are volunteers who cut grass at abandoned parks and playgrounds in Detroit. Tom Nardone, founder of the Detroit Mower Gang, doesn’t really see himself as an innovator. He’s just a guy who saw a need and a way to address it ..


Detroit gang mow-down

Electrical Fireball Passing By

High impedance electrical arcing fault filmed in Montreal.


Not So Ordinary Musical Instruments


Best Fails of the Week by FailArmy



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