Kinder Surprised

When good surprise turns bad ..

source: reddit

another surprise: the real kinder surprise


OREO Separator Machine

You know you instinctively had to separate an OREO cookie, so this man, David Neevel invented a machine to do the hard work of separating the cookie so you don’t have to ..

source: Physicist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From Oreos


Oscars Were Amazing

And the Oscar for the most amazing event goes to ..

source: Amazing


Ladders of Hell

For illiterate ones, warning labels on ladders in video form ..

source: The Ultimate Ladder Fails Compilation


Goating Supercut

Screaming goats craze hits internet way too hard ..

source: The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut


Cop Fails and Great Escapes

When cops are helpless.

source: Cop Fails: Great Escapes


Jon Stewart About Russians

Nicely done review ..

source: Reddit


Reactions to Acceleration

People folding and screaming in super fast cars ..

source: Reactions to acceleration in extremely fast cars

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