Kitchen Fails Compilation

Kitchen Fails Compilation

Funky Hair Style Turtle

Turtle with green hair made up of algae. Photo by Chris Van Wyk

Illustration of Music Players From the 1840s to Modern Day

Larger view

‘Color-coded and hand-illustrated, this chart scores a wide spectrum of audio devices, from Edison’s early phonograph to the Disco Lyte boombox to the Sony Walk/Discman, all the way to the rise of mp3 players like the iPod and Zune. If music is the gateway to the soul, this high-fidelity timeline lays down the ways we’ve been unlocking the doors through 173 years of audio history.’

The Advance of Audio Apparatuses by Pop Chart Lab, Featuring Music Players From the 1840s to Modern Day

Origins Of Superstition

32 Superstition Origins

Dancing Pumpkin Man Scare Prank

Dancing Pumpkin Man Halloween Scare Prank

Kid Climbs Fridge With One Hand ..

.. while holding a toy car in the other hand.

The Grossest Things You’re Eating Right Now



God Mode:Enabled (OC)


Private Display Monitor Hack

DIY invisible monitor display.

DIY, Your Private Invisible LCD Screen

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