Russian Army Marching to “Sponge Bob Square Pants”

Did you know: One of the most popular marching songs in Russian army is `Sponge Bob Square Pants` theme.

source: reddit


Dog With Love/Kill Switch

Cute little German shepherd is ready to kill you or just kiss you

source: Bipolar Dog


Homies and Girls

or how not to treat your girlfriend ..

source: Don’t be THAT guy


Babies Laughing Like Animals

dolphin like:

a horse:

and a Pig:

source: stuffistolefromtheinternet, Youtube


Blonde Vs Great White Shark

And the message of this GoPro video is: If you`re a blond you can ride a great white shark, and that shark will drag you to deepest point in ocean .. you Go girl


Printed Chair Illusion

Hard to tell is this done vice versa or versa vice ..

Thanks Djanii

previously: anamorphic illusions on paper


A Disgrace To The Horse Kind

Horses are suppose to be beautiful, admirable and inspiring, but this one ..

source: Parkour Horse ..Well, Almost


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