It’s a Real Toothbrush

French artist Gaëlle Faure creates “Contraption”, and it is.

It’s a Toothbrush

Watching TV Casually on Rough Seas Goes as Expected

Trying To Relax At Sea

The Earliest Internet Users


More Morse adventures here: Episode 1 and Episode 2

Licence Plate Of The Day

Genetically Modified Animals That Scientists Still Can’t Create

Artist Quebectango combines two different animals to create completely new one.

More at pleated-jeans

Giving $100 to Homeless People


Meanwhile at The NSA

You Had Me at NSA

Tide Vs Stone

It’s a thousand year old battle in Norway with no soon ending. Kannesteinen is a special stem shaped stone located in the shoreline in village Oppedal on the west side of Vaagso in Sogn og Fjordane.


Gold Digger Prank


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