Shrew Mouse Caravan

Mother and baby shrews in caravan formation ..

Amazing Shrew Caravan

Magic Beard


Fan Challenges Sting while Singing “Message in a Bottle”

Live in Newcastle, 2012.

Fan challenges Sting while singing

Twerk in Peace


Double Ownage

Lesson Of The Day

Man in China Pays Fine In Coins

18 workers forced to spend all day counting the money ..

Man pays $1600 fine in change. 18 employees spend all day counting it.

“Bank workers in Kunming spent eight hours counting 5,000 yuan in one jiao (0.1 yuan) coins thanks to a Chinese man who paid an assault fine with some serious spite.
Last year, a woman with the surname Wu was eating at a noodle shop where she and her husband reportedly got into an altercation with the owner (from the Shanghaiist via NetEase).
The argument turned physical, with Wu suffering a brain contusion and her husband leaving with three broken ribs.
A court awarded Wu damages. After paying her the bulk of the 68,000 yuan ($11,000) fine, the noodle restaurant owner gave the remaining 10,000 yuan ($1,600) in eight large bags of coins.”

Man Pays Fine In All Coins

Alpine Gravity Megavalanche 2013

Carnage race down the glacier ..

Fietslawine op de Alpe d’Huez

Pirated Movie Rant

“I´am going to rip your balls off” – Rant recorded on new ‘Kick Ass 2′ cam rip movie ..

Guy is upset that he can’t pirate movies in peace

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