Table Tennis Surprise

Quentin Robinot is playing table tennis like a boss

source: Table Tennis Surprise, Youtube


Most Cans Opened in 3 Seconds

1194th attempt to set the world record ..

source: Most soda cans opened in 3 seconds


Surprising News Interviews

Random people are strange ..

source: FunnyLocalNews


Romantic Sloth

Cute sloth with a warm heart ..

source: Look at this Romantic Sloth


Bite Too Big

Optimistic croc will never do that again ..

source: don’t mess with me


9 Putts At The Same Time

Every month the PGA Golf Management program at Campbell University has a competition between the different classes. The January competition was to see how many people could line up and make a putt at the same time ..

source: 9 Golfers Putt At The Same Time


Worst Free Throw

She can do better than that ..

source: New Contender for Worst Free Throw of all Time


Pic Break #101

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