How To Boost Up Your Boring Cat

XLR8 will turn your boring cat into a high performance racing machine!

source: Is your cat boring?… not anymore


Crosswalk Breakdancing

It`s a 30 seconds challenge ..


Creative Usage of Wooden Palettes

Few great ideas to use wooden palettes as a cool home furniture ..


How To Catch A Kangaroo

The only and the easiest way to do it ..

source: SayOMG


San Diego Fireworks Mishap Close Up

Close up of a biggest fireworks fail becomes one of the greatest fireworks scene ..

source: Close Up of San Diego Fireworks Mishap


Waiting For The Police Like A Boss..

While the guys are waiting for the arrival of traffic police, they decided to get a tan.


Shark Steals A Meal

No safe place on earth ..

source: Who says fishing isn’t exciting?


Summer Fun With Hairy Back

Guy with a fake hairy back asks strangers to put suncream on it.

source: Hairy back prank

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