Dog Crosses Eyes on Command

Olive, an 11 month labrator, can cross her eyes on command ..

source: best dog trick ever


Pic Break #90


The Joy Of Oversized Christmas Tree

In Taganrog, Russia, someone decided it would be great to have a big Christmas tree but did not count on narrow entrance into The Palace of Culture where the tree had to be set ..

source: will we have a christmas tree?


Aggressive Carolling

Everybody knows what carolling is and what to expect, right?


Merry Christmas!


Pic Break #89


Movie Inspired Pranks

Best Of Just For Laughs Gags ..

1. Huge Red Flag – Modern Times
2. Shark Attack – Titanic / Jaws
3. Army Torture Interrogation Prank – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
4. Real Life Mr Magoo – Mr. Magoo
5. Cartoony Prank – Cartoons in general, specifically Scooby-Doo

source: Movie Inspired Pranks


Home Alone, With A Vengeance

30 years later, Kevin McCalister is even more brutal ..

source: Home Alone (With A Vengeance)


Meowing Frog

Frog with twisted personality disorder ..

source: This Frog Does Not Ribbit

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