BMX Trick Works 2012

Earth poles are switching in 2012 and gravity is getting weaker, that’s the only possible explanation ..

source: reddit


Internet Makes Horrifying Story

Truth or not this story makes you aware of possibilities what internet may do to some people.

source: Possibly the most interesting video on the internet.


Microsoft Tablet Surface Fail

In this official presentation of the new “ipad killer” you’ll see how one goes dumb then after few long seconds of agony guy goes after another “good” tablet.

Can`t decide would I cry or laugh, after all these years with so much money spent Microsoft still can`t make anything worthy. The major problem is that they will not have any problem selling this device because it’s “Microsoft”. Maybe now they finally realise that they should be making sodas ..

or maybe supplying the world with more of ..


The Band Of Hamsters

Bunch of hamsters have had some good time on internet!


Slime Mold With a Smart Behaviour

In this cutoff from an BBC documentary you’ll see how molds are able to create smart connections which we can complement in our everyday engineering. Do not ever underrate nature’s will and behaviour.

source: The most interesting Mold in the world.


World’s Worst Street Performing

This is a crime for anyone who have eyes.

source: World’s Worst Street Performer


Lead Breakfast ‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix

Brilliant video and audio mashup on Pulp Fiction.

source: reddit


Pikachu on LSD

Pikachu has been attacked with an acid, this is what happened ..

source: Pikachu on Acid

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