Low Cost Solution To Clear The Landmines

A short documentary portrait on a designer who has created a low cost solution to landmine clearance ..

source: reddit


Eater Egg of The Beats by Dr. Dre

Now the popularity is justified.


Italian Handball Player Attacked With a Kiss

After being attacked by a kiss Italian handball player Ivan Stuffer had to convince everyone he’s not gay ..


Celebrity Impersonation by Ross Marquand

Ross Marquand is paid a visit by several celebrity actors .. and they’re not happy ..

source: reddit


Red Baby Panda Gets Surprised

Poor little creature almost got a heart attack ..

source: Red Panda Gets Surprised


Ventriloquist’s Human Dummy Won’t Dance

Member of the audience agrees to be go on stage as a ventriloquists’ dummy but doesn’t expect to dance ..

source: Ventriloquism


Unordinary Play of Bizet’s Carmen

Classical orchestra played on experimental musical instruments ..

source: reddit


Pic Break #75


Build Your Own Roboroach Prototype

If you want to begin learning about principles of neural engineering but have a limited budget, here are instructions on how to build your own RoboRoach and investigate microelectronics and neural interface design. To the NeuroRevolution!

source: reddit

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