After 19 Days Under the Snow Sheep is Rescued by The Dog

After 19 days under the snow some Icelandic sheep still survive! Rescue teams have been helping farmers to find them and collecting them. The dog, Púki, is a 9 year old Border Collie and has been trained to herd sheep and also to find people in avalanche.

source: LiveLeak


Bicycle Drummer @ Oxford Street London

Street performer rides a bike with a drum set, turns it upside down and plays ..

source: reddit


Smack My Bitch Up At The Oktoberfest

Guy recreates `Smack My Bitch Up` music video on this year’s Oktoberfest with outrageous results ..

source: reddit


Handstand Kitty

A genetic defect left her with almost no control over her back legs, which means her front paws have to do double duty.


Pic Break #65


Quiz Mode Elevator

New episode of Voice controlled elevator. Now the intelevator is upgraded with a photo shoot and quiz mode. The elevator is rigged with cameras and controlled by Ylvis.


Fake Babysitting Prank

Fake baby surprises too many people ..

source: And the Fake Father of the Year Award Goes to


Writing With a Fountain Pen

People once knew how to write with a pen, now we just type on a keyboard ..

source: reddit

Meanwhile in Kyrgyzstan

Meanwhile in Kyrgyzstan

Tank loading fails near curious civilians ..

source: Tank Loading Fail

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