One Sheikh’s Vehicle Collection

Pyramid of cars, have to have them all unique and rare logic..

source: Sheikh’s Pyramid Of Cars


Will It Blend: Nokia 3310

It is crime to do this to a legend ..

source: The one thing stronger then a Nokia 3310


Beauty And The Beast In One

It takes a few long seconds to realize what is happening ..

source: Hot Girl auditions at a french talentshow


Workout Fail Compilation

Excuse my obesity, you see what happens to people that wants to look healthy ..


Pic Break #79


Idiots Of Our World Compilation

They are everywhere, not rare, but sometimes hard to catch ..

source: Extreme Idiots Compilation


Public Bicycle Garage in Japan

Every idea that make even a little sense will be realized in Japan ..

source: how to park a bike in Japan


Crackhead’s Hiding Place

Uploader`s comment:
We heard noise shuffling inside of the wall and it turns out that there was actually someone inside the wall trying to climb upward. Police was notified and upon there arrival the perp said he was fixing pipes when he was actually smoking a crack pipe in between the wall. Turns out perp was my neighbor who lived aboved me. Fired Dept had to be notified and they had to tear the wall out of my closet to get the crack head out.

source: Crackhead climbs out of the wall of my friend’s closet


Captain Planet is Back

Don Cheadle is back as Captain Planet and he’s still turning everyone into trees.

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