Stoner’s Crow

Flying high ..

source: A stoner and a Crow


Cat With Patience of Steel

Drunk master heavy serenades to his calm cat ..

source: Most patient Cat in the history of ever


Wedding Fails Compilation 2012

by FailArmy.


Anarchy Failure Skit

`Whitest Kids U’ Know` tries anarchy and fails at the very start ..


Poor Little Trolling Dog

How a street dog begs for food in Thailand ..

source: Trolling Dog


Trashiest Movie Moments #1

Precious scene form a movie `Whore`.


Selling New iPhone Prank

Call it one of the best pranks of 2012.
Original Ad: `iPhone 5 – I am an App developer Selling a mint condition iPhone 5. Still in a box, it has only been used for a few days. Please email if interested! serious inquires only` ..

source: iPhone5 prank – Anybody looking for the new iPhone?


After 19 Days Under the Snow Sheep is Rescued by The Dog

After 19 days under the snow some Icelandic sheep still survive! Rescue teams have been helping farmers to find them and collecting them. The dog, Púki, is a 9 year old Border Collie and has been trained to herd sheep and also to find people in avalanche.

source: LiveLeak


Bicycle Drummer @ Oxford Street London

Street performer rides a bike with a drum set, turns it upside down and plays ..

source: reddit

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