Monday Morning Beat

Somebody That I Used to Know on old computer equipment ..

Percussionists jamming on frozen lake Baikal ..

Dad sings Depeche Mode with his kids ..


Ski Paragliding in France

Combining paragliding and skiing looks like ultimate win ..

source: This is speedriding


What Real Men Hate

Bonerkilling invention ..

Source: What Real Men Hate


Cat Hunting

Cunting ..

source: Cat Hunting


Boarding Sunday

Once in a lifetime chance to catch a deer with bare hands, and he messes it up ..

Skate 3 hilarious glitches compilation ..

Weird 24 Legged Motor Powered Skateboard ..


Door Vs Dog

So close!

source: Dog vs Door (Video)


Photo Taken Every Day From Fetus to 21st Birthday

Parents have been taking photos of their son every day from his birth until now, on his 21st birthday they made this amazing chronological video ..

source: reddit


Too Good, Too Bad and Too Ugly For a Saturday

Too Good ..
Wizard Of Meh by POGO

Too Bad ..
Shooting Czech president with airsoft gun ..

And Too ugly ..
“Hominid”. Very strange X-ray human animal digital art animation ..


Pigeon With An Error

Just a pigeon doing a non pigeon stuff ..

source: reddit

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