Postapocalyptic Photos of Abandoned Wreckeges

Amazing scenery of abandoned trains, ships and planes from reachable places all around Earth.

playa Ventanilla in Mexico.
Source: blog.travelpod.com

Semiramis near Vori beach, Andros island, Greece
Source: artificialcrab

Airplane Graveyard St. Augustine Florida.
Source: miragebym

PBY-5A aircraft between the sea and the desert of Saudi Arabia.
Source: artificialowl

Shipwreck of Peter Iredale on the Oregon coast en route to the Columbia River.
Source: gaensler

Mallows Bay Ship Graveyard – Maryland
Source: fineartamerica

Train graveyard in south america.
Source: markvirtue

Southwest Bolivia.
Source: amazingdata

Southwest Bolivia.
Source: amusingplanet

Uyuni, Bolivia.
Source: blog.travelpod.com

ALBASMALLAH I on the reef south of Jeddah.
Source: mareud

Ship Graveyard in Nouadhibou, Mauritania.
Source: planetoddity

Nukus, Uzbekistan.
Source: blog.travelpod.com

Eduard Bohlen, conception bay, Skeleton Coast, Namibia.
Source: artificialcrab.net

WWII aircraft in Atka, Alaska.
Source: pixdatabase

American Star, Fuerte ventura, Canary Islands, Spain.
Source: artificialcrab

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