Stairwell Of Illusion

Penrose stairs in Rochester designed by a Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda is making everybody to scratch their brains out. This stairs of illusion or whatever it is, is still retaining its secret ..

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  • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

    Those impossible stairs were created by Lionel Penrose and his son Roger Penrose, and not by a Filipino architect.

    • mu

      i still can’t get how it works !

      would u explain that please ?

    • manny

      excuse me, the myth was created by penrose, but those real escherian stairs were designed by architect aboganda… i hope you it is clear to you now.

      • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

        The myth was created by a group from the Institute. See this link:

      • Nina C Atienza

        It is easy to create, invent or visualize an idea in one’s head. But someone must actually put a workable design in paper. And to actually build it is the more amazing. And that is why the credit goes to the Designer/Architect/Builder not really the one who merely thought the idea feasible and stopped there.

        • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

          If that were true, then it should have been called the Aboganda stairwell.

          • bbv

            That stairwell in RIT was DESIGNED by Aboganda. He didn’t name it aboganda stairwell because the idea was originally from Escher and he got THAT IDEA from escher. He just only designed it.

    • purplecow

      shut up! and researched!

      • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

        No, YOU shut up and do your research! See this link:

        Extract from the page:

        The myth is that located in Rochester, NY, is the Escherian Stairwell, an architectural marvel that seems to violate the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself. In order to lend credence to this myth, we’re creating an episode for a family-friendly science show that demonstrates the staircase in action, various clips from a 1997 documentary with prominent thinkers grappling with the existence of this
        apparent contradiction and pontificating on its implications, and a whole slew of supplemental online materials for today’s internet savvy audience to stumble across while trying to see if this thing is real
        (websites, scholarly articles, fan-pages, blogs, etc.). Help us build the myth!

        • Jake

          Hey, you dont understand it well its says “Penrose stairs in Rochester designed by a Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda” its the real built not the imaginary one. look at the clip on your link, its only a project to see how it works in reality, its a myth… they said donate for their projects because its not accomplish it yet.

          • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

            Hello, Jake! I appreciate the double posting just to let me know “I didn’t understand.” Just read this page here: and I hope you will understand CLEARLY the difference between myth and reality.

          • bbv

            haha. oh my gosh! can’t you just accept the fact that a filipino made it in reality?! We know penrose or escher originally made it but we’re just saying here who designed it and who made it looks believable in reality!

          • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

            If that were true, then please present evidence other than the video made by the students from Rochester in New York. I very much welcome any reliable proof authenticated by an authoritative source.

          • timu

            ha ha ha, you’re ridiculous!

        • Jake

          Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran you dont understand it… look at the last sentence in the page “HELP US BUILD THE MYTH” its because they didnt build it in REALITY there trying to build it in REALITY.. But the first man designing it and built in REALITY is by a Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda.. You don’t UNDERSTAND?

          • Al

            LOL. If Mr Aboganda had actually built a working model of this thing back in the sixties or whenever he was supposed to have done so, those students would never have needed to try to figure out how to build it, they could have just copied the original. And if the thing has existed that long, then surely there would by now have been scholarly explanations. Or, at the very least, a long line of people waiting to pay their $10 to walk on the thing. So, really? *you* don’t understand?

    • RNMaboganda

      I’m the real Rafael Nelson M. Aboganda from the Philippines.
      For two years many people are still debating on the Ëscherian Stairwell video by Michael Lacanilao. You can email me if you want to know more about “my side” of the story: or
      You can also visit our website:

  • Roman
    • Mr. Thankful

      thanks for helping me get to the bottom of this (top?)!!!

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  • zeus

    Once you know the secret the magic is lost, boo

  • Bud

    The secret is that they are just rediscovering the “Big Lie”. Take a basic falsehood, then build layers of manufactured supporting “facts” and “historical records” to get others to believe. When a whole lot of people start to believe it’s true, then, well …. it develops “truthiness”

    • Marie Claire Bretaña-Ponsaran

      That’s exactly what I think, Bud. That Kickstarter Project was created to help people develop critical thinking skills. It didn’t matter whether or not Aboganda did design and built the Penrose stairs in Rochester. The video itself is the key to understanding why the project exists.

      The original design for the stairs showed a continuous sequence of steps running in four directions. The video only showed two stairs running parallel, where one is going up and the other going down. However, the landing between the two seems too short to accommodate the original design (look at the materials provided on the KS page and on Wikipedia).

  • the stairwell janitor

    its because some think two dimensionally….that’s why some dont get it….

  • Alex

    Give me a bunch of twins and I will make any stair to turn in to that.

  • pkg4me

    Setup a race to the top floor. See how long it takes them to figure it out.

  • jdude

    This is a hoax, its impossible

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