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2012′s Misheard Song Lyrics

Collection of songs with misheard lyrics interpretation from 2012 ..

source: Misheard Song Lyrics: 2012 Edition

previously: generations of misheard song lyrics


Funniest Pics of Cats from 2012


Funniest Pics of Dogs from 2012


2012 Told In 4 Minutes

Leaving 2012 behind with all of these ..

source: 2012 In 4 Minutes


Incredible Illusions & Science of 2012

Coolest mindbendings you`ve been amazed by in 2012 ..

source: brusspup


Win Compilation December 2012

compiled by LwDn x WIHEL

source: LangweileDichnet


Best Fails of 2012

As the year ends it is time for best compilation of fails, here it is and it`s under ten minutes ..

source: Best FAILS of 2012 | JukinVideo


End Of The World Has Come Prank

Everybody is expecting the end one way or another, and it`s hard to be suspicious when someone pulls a prank on 21.12.2012.

source: End Of The World Prank


The Best Viral Videos Of 2012

This is a very well done montage of the year’s best viral videos by Videogum..

source: The Best Viral Videos Of 2012

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