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The Instant News Story

[source: reddit]

Insurance Scammer Has Evolved

They’re becoming ridiculously aggressive now. Location: South Korea

More scams

Skydivers Helmet Cams Record Collision Of Their Planes

One plane appears to fly right on top of another, forcing skydivers from both planes to jump while avoiding burning debris

Two planes colide above Wisconsin as one plane bursts in to flames, skydivers helmet cams record everything

Surprise & Surprise


Unlucky Lucky Paraglider

That pole had no mercy ..


Epic Car Accident

Guy tries to avoid accident on icy road, but slips, hits the light pole, when other driver hits him from behind the lights goes off, then he decided to light up a smoke ..

source: Epic fail avoiding snow accident


Poor Cows Spilled Out of a Truck

Truck full of cows losses control and rolls over, luckily non of them have been seriously injured. That`s what you get when driving animals in a convertible ..

source: The driver spilled some…cows?


Turtle Accident in Amsterdam ZOO

Big turtle pushes over another big turtle at the zoo ..

source: Big turtle pushes over another big turtle at the zoo


Ship Will Fit That Tight Parking Spot

Drunk calculations ..

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