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Number Of People Killed by Animals per Year

World’s Deadlist Animals / The Deadliest Animal in the World

So Many Rabbits

?kunoshima, island of rabbits, Japan.

Dog and His Donkey Going For A Trip Across the Desert

Two friends in the middle of the desert.

Hamsters Playing Dead After Finger Shot Compilation

Hamsters Playing Dead

Animals Working Out Compilation

Animals Working Out Compilation

Disturbingly Accurate Lion King

Cold slap in the face even if you’re a grown-up.


When Animals Play Hide and Seek

Your quess is as good as mine on how that got in there

Surfing Black Swans in Australia

Several black swans have been filmed frolicking just off shore near the Gold Coast, catching waves in and out several times before darting off.


Honking Dog Chases Rabbit

Honking dog pursues rabbit

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