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JohnnyExpress – The Best Delivery in Space

Animated short about the space delivery man who travels to different planets to deliver packages.

Very Disturbing Simpsons’ Couch Gag

Couch Gag for The Simpsons “Diggs” by Sylvain Chomet.

Animation Domination

The Power of Empathy

Empathy to ease someone’s pain and suffering.

Empathy over Sympathy!

The Most Bizarre Animated Short gets a Sequel Named ‘Late for Meeting’

Weirdly amusing short ‘going to the store’ from two years ago by David Lewandowski gets a sequel. Enjoy!

David Lewandowski

Electric Cock Water

Talking cat, smuggler, dolphin with a hard-on, it’s more than enough for a cartoon ..


Pussycow – Spilt Milk


Pulp Fiction in 60 Seconds


What Does The Fox Say

Never asked question, so here’s a song ..

What Does The Fox Say

Wonder Showzen, Animated Shorts

Wonder Showzen is turning to a nightmare all of your good childhood TV memories, here’s a couple of animations to get you started with ..

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