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If Google Was a Person Before The Internet (Part 2)

If Google Was a Guy (Part 2)

If Google Was a Person in Era Before The Internet

Google really is your best friend, you can ask him annoying and ridiculous question 24/7.

If Google Was a Guy

Most Irritating Passengers



Annoying Bunny Sees No Victim

It will be all over quickly when rabbit learns to climb a tree ..

source: Annoying bunny


Santa Annoys Strangers for Fun

Naughty Santa circles around mall and annoys random strangers ..

source: Naughty Santa


Cockatoo Vs Toddler Out Scream Contest

When annoying bird challenges annoying child only solution is to run away ..

source: Cockatoo Vs. Toddler Screaming Match


Most Annoying Attraction ..

in the neighborhood ..


Sneezing Girl and Her Brother

12 year old girl who can`t stop sneezing has a brother who obviously can`t stop saying god bless you ..


The Most Annoying Instrument

This irritating sound could wake up the dead.

source: reddit

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