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Every Wipe Will be a Piece of Art

Art Major’s Passout College

Illusion Painting Changes its Perspective

Optical illusion painting changes its perspective as you move around it

Swimming Pool Hidden In The Desert

Somewhere in the Mojave desert, a secret swimming pool is waiting for you to dip your toes into its crispy blue water ..

Read: An Artist Dares you to go find his Secret Swimming Pool in the Desert

Two Lamps in Love

Turin, Italy

Hypnotizing Art in Motion

Mikhail Sadovnikov, the magic of the pottery wheel.

Wes Anderson’s Movies Are Amazingly Centered

Supercut of Wes Anderson’s Symmetry in cinematography.

Wes Anderson // Centered

Cleaning Lady Knows Trash

A cleaning woman at an Italian gallery accidentally threw away thousands of dollars of art by New York modernist Paul Branca when she mistook his crumpled newspaper, cardboard, and cookie installation scattered across the floor for garden-variety trash ..

Paul Branca’s art

Cleaning Lady Threw Away Expensive Modern Art She Mistook For Trash

The First Graffiti Artist

A 1976 documentary about British gaffiti artist Walter Kershaw.

The First Graffiti Artist, A 1976 Short Film About Artist Walter Kershaw

‘Wiki needs an upadte’

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