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Chewbacca + ET = This

I’m Changing Your Nappy Mate

[source: whats wrong barty? Nothing mate just being a little sick]

Baby Plays Pantera on Drums


Smiling Baby Wombat

[ source: reddit]

From Baby to 14 Years in 4 minutes – Timelapse

Dad films his daughter grow up from day one.

0 To 14 Years In 4 Minutes

Baby is Not Afraid To Be Scared

Baby dressed in dino costume is scared of a toy dinosaur, but keeps going back for more.


Two-Year-Old Skateboarder

Talented toddler skating down streets and hopping over kerbs on his board in just a diaper. The skating prodigy, who comes from a family of skateboard enthusiasts, has been practicing since he was six months old.

Skateboarding Toddler!

Babies Vs Shadows

Babies discover their shadows, are freaked out

Baby Playing Basketball Makes Every Shot

15 month old plays basketball. catches the ball, shoots it and makes 6 baskets in a row.

Talented 15 Month-Old Basketball Playing Baby Shoots Six Baskets In a Row

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