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Flamingos Dancing to Michael Jackson

Flamingos dance to Michael Jackson

Same Birds Getting Away Every Time

Same birds, same spot, every time ..


Honk! Honk!


Turbo Boosted Chihuahua

Crashes pigeon feeding frenzy ..

source: Chihuahua Crashes Pigeon Feeding Frenzy


Catfish Have Figured Out How To Hunt Pigeons

Nature says it`s payback time .. In Southwestern France killer catfish have learned how to lunge out of the water, capture a bird, and shimmy back into the water to dine in peace.

source: Killer Catfish Hunting Pigeons


Pigeon Style Fight

Literary fighting with pigeon in hands ..

source: reddit


Bird’s Free Ride

Too lazy to use wings today ..


8 Animal Misconceptions

Few animal world myths debunked.

Source: 8 Animal Misconceptions Debunked


Angry Birds in Real Life

In the Indian Himalayas an eagle crashes into a paraglider, luckily noone gets injured
Via: Eagle crashes into a paraglider over Himalayas

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