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Pet of the Day

So Many Rabbits

?kunoshima, island of rabbits, Japan.

Christmas, Easter, Whatever

Santa Bunny

Bunnies Can Fly .. Sometimes

Proof that bunnies can fly

Bunny Takes a Bath

Needs to be well washed before “the dinner”.


Annoying Bunny Sees No Victim

It will be all over quickly when rabbit learns to climb a tree ..

source: Annoying bunny


Pug Hops Up Stairs Like a Bunny

Pug turns on bunny style while rushing up stairs ..

source: reddit


Bunny Loves Balloon

but it was too stressful, for a balloon ..

source: Bunny loves balloon


Interesting Sights from Above The Earth

Bunny Rabbit in Italy.

Shark in Australia.

White Horse in UK.

Dancing Man in Mongolia

Batman in Japan.

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