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To Climb The Second Tallest Building in the World

Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Two guys climbing and exploring the Shanghai Tower

Kid Climbs Fridge With One Hand ..

.. while holding a toy car in the other hand.

Climbing Between Walls Fail

Climbing a building FAIL

Low-Budget Adrenaline Adventures

source: Liveleak

Cops Logic

Cops Logic

Cop will jump over the fence to prove he can do it, or he just can`t resist cops logic ..

source: This FBI agent didn’t need to climb the fence


Annoying Bunny Sees No Victim

It will be all over quickly when rabbit learns to climb a tree ..

source: Annoying bunny


Cat Outsmarts Dog

Cat with a professional getaway skills ..

source: Cat outsmarts dog


RC Quadcopter On Mountain Expedition

Taking a little helper on a mountain trip to show some amazing footage ..

source: reddit

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