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The Dancing Sheep

Baby sheep dances to Macarena

AC/DC’s “Thunderfolk”

[source: How to Dance to AC/DC]

Must Dance

Funny Dance Fails Compilation

Bear Style

Dancing for 30 Minutes on a Street After Losing a Bet

“My brother had never beat me at basketball, but he was getting cocky! I thought I’d use his ego against him and make a bet that would humiliate him after I beat him at basketball. Loser had to dance on the corner of Bulldog and State Street in Provo, Utah for a half hour to whatever music the other chose.”

Brother Dances in Public After Losing a Bet

Mosh Pit Lady

Mosh Crew

It Looks Better with Yakety Sax

Original video here

Added Yakety Sax makes everything better

Laurel & Hardy Dance to Santana

Laurel & Hardy Dance To Santana

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