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Dumbest Things Done On Meth

Dumb Ways To Die in GTA V

Dumb Ways To Die in GTA V

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Cops Logic

Cops Logic

Cop will jump over the fence to prove he can do it, or he just can`t resist cops logic ..

source: This FBI agent didn’t need to climb the fence


Firework Fails

In so many ways fireworks can go wrong ..

source: Firework Fails Compilation


Bike Loading and Unloading Fails

With no luck or brains it happens like this ..

source: VideoBlinks


So Many Dumb Ways To Die

Staying alive campaign from METRO Australia ..

source: reddit


Stalking CIA Prank

Weird CIA agent on the move ..

source: CIA prank


Canada Vs USA, Dumb on Dumber

Dumb is what dumb does. Don`t hesitate and come join the army, we are just having fun ..

Reddit: Canada vs. USA Soldier tug of war

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