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Dumbest Things Done On Meth

Dumb Ways To Die in GTA V

Dumb Ways To Die in GTA V

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Cops Logic

Cops Logic

Cop will jump over the fence to prove he can do it, or he just can`t resist cops logic ..

source: This FBI agent didn’t need to climb the fence


Firework Fails

In so many ways fireworks can go wrong ..

source: Firework Fails Compilation


Bike Loading and Unloading Fails

With no luck or brains it happens like this ..


So Many Dumb Ways To Die

Staying alive campaign from METRO Australia ..

source: reddit


Stalking CIA Prank

Weird CIA agent on the move ..

source: CIA prank


Canada Vs USA, Dumb on Dumber

Dumb is what dumb does. Don`t hesitate and come join the army, we are just having fun ..

Reddit: Canada vs. USA Soldier tug of war

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