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Job Description: Party Cooler

How To End A Party Professionally

Scary Job Interview Prank

LG prank makes people think it’s the End of the world ..

LG HDTV Job Interview Prank

Twerk in Peace


Ladies About Women’s Suffrage

If just the things in life could be this easy.



Harlem Shake Not Ending Soon

In a perfect world it lasted for a week, it was fun and to preserve it`s magic, making of all next versions should be stopped.

This could be a nice end of it:

But unfortunately it will last for a whole year, until last possible version of it. Underwater version, flash mob version, prison version, fans on stadium version, skydiving version, parliament version, gang bang version etc.

It won’t be ruined with a few versions like this next week:

Few days ago, before it went global this guy already put Harlem Shake to sleep :)

Before Baauer sues everyone for unauthorised usage of his song, it could be a next big money shaker.

previously: Filthy Frank Does Harlem Shake


End Of The World Has Come Prank

Everybody is expecting the end one way or another, and it`s hard to be suspicious when someone pulls a prank on 21.12.2012.

source: End Of The World Prank


Enough Of Gangnam Style by Chuck Norris

Even the toughest are breaking down on Gangnam style these days ..

source: Chuck Norris vs Gangnam Style video: DjJaseb


Story of Humans In 2 Minutes

History of humans compressed in 2 minutes ..

source: Human History in 2 minutes w/ inception music

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