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Extreme Halloween Home Decorations

[source: 20 Home Owners Who Are Definitely Winning at Halloween]

And This is Motorcycle Chariot

[source: reddit]

Playing The Sims 3 The ‘Murican Way

Guy feeds his Sims’ to the extreme level.


Pizza Delivery from Extreme & Nonchalant’s Restaurant

Extreme Pizza Delivery

Extreme Metal Wolf of Wall Street


Sport Bike Rider Lays His Head on the Track

Motorcyclist Lays His Head on the Track During High Speed Turn

Extreme Balancing Artist Performs One-Armed Handstand On The Edge Of The Cliff

One-arm handstand 2,000ft above a fjord in Norway.

Extreme Balancing Artist

Butterfly Knife Coordination Extreme

Smooth moves with a sharp knife ..

Down A Drainage Ditch in a Kayak

Lions Bay Stout slide.

34 Miles Per Hour Down A Drainage Ditch In A Kayak

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