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Confused Cows In Snow

Never thought about how poor cows can be stuck in a snow, let`s get them out of there ..

source: 30 Jersey cows in 3 feet of snow


Annoying Bunny Sees No Victim

It will be all over quickly when rabbit learns to climb a tree ..

source: Annoying bunny


Goat With Chicken’s Personality

Goat hangs out with chickens too much ..

source: Goat Imitates A Chicken


Goat Says What

Feeding goats and enjoying the nature, wait, what?

source: What, What


Ultimate Cash Farming Dog

Now try to steal that bucket from him ..

source: Some genius programmed this dog to farm cash.


Horizons, Giant Steel Sculpture on a New Zealand Hilltop

`Horizons` by New Zealand artist Neil Dawson is a giant outdoor steel sculpture that gives the illusion of a windblown piece of paper resting on a hilltop. Dawson created the sculpture back in 1994 for Gibbs Farm, a outdoor sculpture collection in New Zealand.

Source: Horizons, Giant Steel Sculpture on a New Zealand Hilltop


Drunk Water Currier

Mission complete.


A Dog Milking a Goat ..

.. that`s it. Dog milks a goat.

Source: Uniquedaily

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