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The World’s Tallest & Fastest Giga Coaster

MMA K.O. in Under 5 Seconds

World’s Fastest Human Dishwasher

Watch the World’s Fastest Dishwasher Wash 50 Plates in 10 Seconds

Fastest Guitarist In The World hits 350bpm

Iranian guitar player approaches speed of light

Fast Typing ..

Very fast ..

Workout In a Hurry

Workout In a Hurry

When late for a work ..


DIY Car Engine Swap

Fastest way to pull out your car engine .. for fun.


World’s Fastest Drive-Thru Service!

Everything is moving forward fast these days, appetite for bigger, stronger and faster must not surprise us ..

source: Worlds fastest drive-thru service!


Fastest Tie My Shoes Technique

Fast shoe tying will make your life .. easier, and you’re one step closer to become a ninja ..

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