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Never Judge a Lady ..

[source: Joanna Connor – North Atlantic Blues Festival 2014]

“Rodafonio” Big Musical Wheel Band

[source: factoria circular]

Modern DJs

What DJs Do These Days

It Looks Better with Yakety Sax

Original video here

Added Yakety Sax makes everything better

Honest Music Festival Commercial

Get ready for another summer festival.

Honest Music Festival Commercial

To Sneak Into a VIP Party

as a bodyguard ..


Ducks And A Box

A duck happens upon a box with strange sonic properties. And that was the greatest one sentence description ..


Fireworks Festival in Yanshui, Taiwan

Crowds of people being shot by fireworks ..

It is Said that the Fireworks Festival originated from a cholera epidemic which broke out in the early ruling period of Kuanghsu Emperor of Ching Dynasty and lasted for more than 20 years.
In order to drive out the evil spirits and ward off the disease, the survivors invited the spirit of Kuan Kung.
The deities of Heaven are able to inspect the land on the day of Lantern Festival by carrying the statue of Kuan Kung in palanquins and paraded around Yanshui and letting off masses of firecrackers, and the epidemic soon receded.

source: reddit


Latern Balloon Firework Fail

Balloon loaded with fireworks starts the show over the crowd a little earlier ..

source: Hot air balloon, loaded up with fireworks

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