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Is Google a Boy or Girl

Agonizing Attempt To Finish The Race

7.9.2013. Fredrik Uhrbom tries to finish the race but his legs just won’t listen anymore ..

Mom Allows Her 4-Year Old to Finish Her Drawings

Graphic artist, Mica Angela Hendricks decides to share her new sketchbook with her 4-year old daughter. Results are megamazing ..

Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings


To Win A Race With Style

Kart driver slips and turns before finish line ..

source: Hilarious end to a go kart race!


Enough Of Gangnam Style by Chuck Norris

Even the toughest are breaking down on Gangnam style these days ..

source: Chuck Norris vs Gangnam Style video: DjJaseb


Purpose: Crossing The Finish Line

The most inspiring sport video .. just push it to the limits.

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