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The Amazing Carrot Shuts Down The Party

Attempt to throw a carrot to the dj with no particular reason shuts down the party in Val Thorens.

Party interrupted by carrot

Flying Eagle Point of View



Faster Than Subway Challenge

Challenge was to get off the tube, run between the stations and get back onto the same tube at the next station.
Location: Paris, France

source: Man vs Subway


If We Had Six Fingers

Who ever thought that we are stuck at the wrong calculating system. Decimals are horrible! and you will agree with this fact after watching this video by Numberphile, “Base 12″. Wrong history decisions now makes our mathematics pitiful ..

source: What if we had six fingers?


Extreme Football Fans

Canal+ Fuel for Fans by BETC Paris

source: Extreme Soccer Fans


Catfish Have Figured Out How To Hunt Pigeons

Nature says it`s payback time .. In Southwestern France killer catfish have learned how to lunge out of the water, capture a bird, and shimmy back into the water to dine in peace.

source: Killer Catfish Hunting Pigeons


Best Of Viral Videos 3

280 viral videos combined in Part 3 of Best of Web by Zapatou ..

source: Best Of Web 3 Compilation


Feeding The 120 Hunting Dogs at Once

The one that waits on the stairs at 1:25 will start the revolution one day ..

source: how to feed 120 hunting dogs at once


Ski Paragliding in France

Combining paragliding and skiing looks like ultimate win ..

source: This is speedriding

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