Pastor Speeds Up Worship Service Due The NFL Playoff Game

The very abbreviated worship service created by Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church (Butte, Montana) for the 11 AM service taking place at the exact same time as kickoff for the 49ers – Panthers NFL playoff game.

Hail Mary Timeā€¦Amen!!!

  1. Geschwinder Gottesdienst … | [...] kann deswegen Pastor Tim Christensens eiligen Gotteshaus-Abgang total nachvollziehen … via yababoon Pin It document.write(""); 13 Jan 2014 GEPOSTED…

  2. hirnverbrandt: I like this kind of pastor because he doesn't take it too seriously ...

Turkish Soccer Player Casually Threw Second Ball Into The Field

The Turkish Super League match between Kasimpasa and Besiktas saw an innovative new defending technique. While Besiktas mounted an attack, a second ball was thrown onto the pitch and Kasimpasa defender Ryan Donk picked it up. But instead of immediately throwing it away or alerting the referee, he held on to it, perhaps realizing that it might come in handy.


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