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Never Lose Your Glasses Again

Dude Visage

Private Display Monitor Hack

DIY invisible monitor display.

DIY, Your Private Invisible LCD Screen


Street Artist Playing Hallelujah With Crystal Glasses

One man orchestra ..

source: dailyoftheday


Fail Day Monday

Two girls, one car ..

Dealing with suicidal attempts in Saudi Arabia ..

Girl needs no glasses .. yes she does ..

Baby gets too excited about alcohol ..


Microsoft Windows Project on Google Glass

Eventually Microsoft will do their own version of augmented reality glasses. This is a preview ..

Source: Windows Glass


Google Project Glass Parody

Google Glasses is a parody answer to Google Project Glass. Unfortunately he forgot to interpret one big pop-up advertisement in this parody. Watch Google Project Glass Here.

Source: “I made the Google Glasses team a new commercial. I don’t think they’ll like it.”


DIY, Your Private Invisible LCD Screen

Hack of a day, here`s `magic` LCD: without special glasses you will see only a blank white screen. This is a simple trick, release the LCD matrix of the plastic shell, with a sharp knife carve the polarizing film, carefully wipe the glass panel and reassemble the monitor. Gently stick the film tape to the glasses that you extracted from the monitor. Now you got your self a unique private view.
Warning: Staring at blank screen with your sunglasses on could get you fired!

Source: Private Monitor

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