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Blindfolded Race Horse Breaks Loose

[source: Blindfolded Race Horse Panics & Breaks Loose]

How Fabulous I Am

This Horse is Not Dead

Horse and His Drunk Owner

Horse and His Drunk Owner

Horse is trying to stay cool while his owner is drunk ..

Wannabe Cowboy

Wannabe Cowboy

Not even close ..

source: JukinVideoDotCom


Babies Laughing Like Animals

dolphin like:

a horse:

and a Pig:

source: stuffistolefromtheinternet, Youtube


A Disgrace To The Horse Kind

Horses are suppose to be beautiful, admirable and inspiring, but this one ..

source: Parkour Horse ..Well, Almost


Horse and Man Duo ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

This is a horse who plays flute, any arguments are unnecessary.

source: Horse Plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a Recorder


Horse Called ARRRRR

The owner of a racing horse named his horse “ARRRRR”. The owner is either a drunk pirate or naming race horses with the first thing on owners mind is just practice which most of the people don’t know about ..

source: The owner of a racing horse named his horse “ARRRRR”

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