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claw machine lobsters

Lobster Claw Machine

Lobster hunting have never been easier .. if you have enough 2$ bills, but since it is a lobster .. yes you do.

source: Get Your Lobster Out of a Claw Machine


Spider Tries to Catch Computer Cursor

New generation of online gaming ..


Every Manager

If people must believe you, you had to lie ..

source: The Manager


Catfish Have Figured Out How To Hunt Pigeons

Nature says it`s payback time .. In Southwestern France killer catfish have learned how to lunge out of the water, capture a bird, and shimmy back into the water to dine in peace.

source: Killer Catfish Hunting Pigeons


Snake Hunt with Living Human Leg

Using human leg for a snake bite must be the most extreme option for hunting ..


Cat Hunting

Cunting ..

source: Cat Hunting


The Undersea Predator Surprise

Spearfishing fail in adroit fish conflict.

source: There is always a bigger fish


Hunting Falcon Headcam

Camera strapped to a falcon`s head ..

source: reddit


Internet Makes Horrifying Story

Truth or not this story makes you aware of possibilities what internet may do to some people.

source: Possibly the most interesting video on the internet.

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