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Meanwhile in Brasil

Japanese football fans cleaning the stands after their game against Cote D’Ivoire.

Japanese Version of ‘We Are The World’ with Look-a-Likes


The Slap of Respect

People waiting in line to be slapped by Japanese legend Antonio Inoki.


Weird Japanese Commercials – Part 3

via: Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation (Part 3)

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Japanese Groupie Guys

Japanese groupie guys following a young girl group band “10Color’s”.

Otter Knows How To Play Dead

Otter Plays Dead

Best of Weird Japanese Commercials

Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation

Japanese Toilet Candy

Japan is well known for having weird things, toilet candy is one of them.


Road in Japan That Plays a Tune

A road near Mt Fuji in Japan plays a song when you drive over it. Grooves cut into the surface of the road create the sound as you drive over them. Song called Fuji no Yama (????) is a children’s song about Mt. Fuji.

source: Musical road en route to Mt. Fuji

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