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Badass Kitty

Kitty Learns How to Do Yoga

[source: Kitty learns how to do yoga]

The Creation Of Kitty

Cat Smells Socks and Gets Disgusted


Cat Talks Goat Language

Cat Talks Goat Language

Kitty named Pickles is ready to become the world`s first goat interpreter ..

source: Kitten Sounds Like a Goat


Claw Crane’s Surprise Prize

Cat stucked in a claw crane machine really don`t care what`s going ..

source: Claw Crane Kitty Prize


Instant Dream Kitty

Kitten suddenly falls asleep ..

source: Kitten suddenly falls asleep


Handstand Kitty

A genetic defect left her with almost no control over her back legs, which means her front paws have to do double duty.


Teleporting Cat

Creepy kitty accepts to play the game.

source: Teleporting Cat

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