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Thug Life Winner 2014

One Direction Star Taking Selfies with Fans and Hating Life

9 Life Hacks You Maybe want to Know

10 Problems Stoners Are Dealing With


Developer’s Life Through GIF’s

When I’m deploying code to production

When a bug that I fixed resurfaces a few days later

When I apply a new CSS for the first time

When the intern says he can fix my bug

When a bug suddenly appears during the demo

When the project manager looks for me to fix a bug on friday night

When my boss forces me to present a buggy application to the client

you want more of these:
Pictures from a developer’s life /

Life After The Internet

Imagine what life would be like after the internet.


Just a Normal Day

Two brothers show how normal everyday activities should do like ..

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Day In The Life Of A Skateboard

Day In The Life Of A Skateboard

Our Narrow Slice, An Accurate Perspective

Understand how insignificant your life really is .. still a motivation.

Our Narrow Slice

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