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Shake it Off & 80′s Aerobic Workout Melts Perfectly

[source: Shake it off and 80′s workout video go hand in hand]

Drop It Like It’s Hot (Without Music)

previously: Singin’ In The Rain (without singing)

Celebrity Mishmash

see more here: buffalobillgates

The Walking Drunk

source: gorillamask

Misheard Song Lyrics Round 5

previously: Misheard Song Lyrics Round 4

Singin’ In The Rain (without singing)

previously: Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Without Music)

A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead

previously: A Bad Lip Reading of American Idol

‘What What’ Goat Feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – WHAT WHAT

Star Wars Ending Scene Without Music

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