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Fashion These Days

Lizard’s Couch

600-Year Old Tower & Modern Skyscraper Living in Harmony

Frankfurt, Germany.

Amazing Photo: A 600-Year Old Tower in Front of a Modern Skyscraper

Modern DJs

What DJs Do These Days

Surveillance Camera Man #6

previously: Surveillance Camera Man #5

Modern Mona Lisa


Illustration of Music Players From the 1840s to Modern Day

Larger view

‘Color-coded and hand-illustrated, this chart scores a wide spectrum of audio devices, from Edison’s early phonograph to the Disco Lyte boombox to the Sony Walk/Discman, all the way to the rise of mp3 players like the iPod and Zune. If music is the gateway to the soul, this high-fidelity timeline lays down the ways we’ve been unlocking the doors through 173 years of audio history.’

The Advance of Audio Apparatuses by Pop Chart Lab, Featuring Music Players From the 1840s to Modern Day

Surveillance Camera Man #5

Surveillance Camera Man comes again to .. annoy the innocent ..

previously: Surveillance Camera Man #4.5

Facts To Make You Appreciate Modern Medicine


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