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Karate Instructor Vs Cocky Student

Karate instructor gets frustrated and fights when his student won’t allow him to show a move ..

source: Karate instructor gets frustrated


Caterpillar Centipede

Wiki: The Pine Processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) is a moth of the family Thaumetopoeidae. It is sometimes placed in the genus Traumatocampa. It is an abundant species of pine woods in central and southern Europe, and an important economic pest. The species is notable for the behaviour of its caterpillar larvae, which overwinter in tent-like nests high in pine trees, and which process through the woods in nose-to-tail columns ..

source: Caterpillar caravan


Hungry Cat Won’t Move From In Front of Mcdonald’s

Passive aggressive cat uses best tactics to get some food ..

source: reddit


8 Year Old Breakdancing Domination

8 year old Angelo “Lil’ Daemon” Baligdad is participating in a break battle against Milky. The little fella can stop your breath with his dancing moves.


Vicious Drunk Move on Stairs

Stairs has something to do with gravity no matter how drunk you are ..

Source: MPviral


Most Impossible Intersection Passing

Must be Chuck Norris passing on red light ..

Source: Impossible

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