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Siri in Blade Runner

Deckard tries to analyze the photo he found at Leon’s apartment, but with faulty 2015 technology.

Lionel Richie – Hello (Without Music)

Jaws Directed by Sharks

First Kiss Parody – “First Slap”

First Slap (‘First Kiss’ Parody)

Meanwhile in Parallel Universe

Pitbull – We Are One ft. Jennifer Lopez (Official Parody)

Modern DJs

What DJs Do These Days

First Kiss Parody – “First Sh*t”

It’s not getting any better, 20 strangers taking shit in front of each other for the first time.

previous parody: NSFW First Kiss Parody – “First Handjob”

NSFW First Kiss Parody – “First Handjob”

via: NSFW Parody of the “FIRST KISS” Video Titled “FIRST HANDJOB”

It’s a parody to: Strangers Paired To Make Out With Each Other

Street Spelling – 8-Mile Parody Trailer

Parody of 8 Mile featuring VitalyzdTv.

Street Spelling (8-Mile Parody Trailer)

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