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Not a Single F*** Of the Day

Pedestrian in Mexico Gives a Lesson to Reckless Drivers

Crosswalk Troll

Many Pedestrian Crossing Buttons Don’t Do Anything Anymore

In New York City an estimated 90% of these pedestrian crossing buttons do nothing during peak traffic times. You’ll find the same trend in most major cities around the world.

Read: Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything?


God Mode:Enabled (OC)


Street Attitude

Pedestrian Walks on Car Hood


Over One Icy Spot

Pedestrians falling over the same spot ..

source: 8 Minutes of people falling over the same patch of ice


Immortal Pedestrian

Walking down the street and passively making damage to cars ..

source: LiveLeak


Street Booty Calls

The woman of the night is off duty, but everyday habits are just too strong ..

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