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Man Plays Guitar Upside Down, On His Head

Guangzhou, China

Baby Plays Pantera on Drums


Dad Makes Squeaky Beats on Kid’s Back

Paradox Of The day

Mark Lee

Plasticine Cat


Fraud Of The Day

Goat Simulator Gameplay

With this simulator you no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true.

Goat Simulator

Bare Foot Animal Track Shoes

Vicious play in the neighbourhood.

Animal tracks are reproduced onto the soles of shoes that are worn to leave prints in urban areas.

Artist: Maskull Lassere
Special shoes let you trick your friends into thinking there are wild animals in the neighborhood

Turkish Soccer Player Casually Threw Second Ball Into The Field

The Turkish Super League match between Kasimpasa and Besiktas saw an innovative new defending technique. While Besiktas mounted an attack, a second ball was thrown onto the pitch and Kasimpasa defender Ryan Donk picked it up. But instead of immediately throwing it away or alerting the referee, he held on to it, perhaps realizing that it might come in handy.


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