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Dad Makes Mission Control Desk For His Son

Jeff High Smith makes mission control console which plays space-related sounds and has many lights, knobs and switches.

Awesome dad makes Mission Control Desk for his son

Bear Plays Harp in the Snow

The bear necessities

The 50 Best Sports Plays Of 2013

The 50 Best Sports Plays Of 2013


Over-Enthusiastic Dog Plays Catch

Enthusiastic dog plays catch

Raccoon Plays Harp


Hacked Street Installation Plays Porn Sounds

Instead of bird sounds this hacked Dutch art installation now plays porn sounds, residents are not thrilled ..

Dutch art installation in public street hacked plays porn sounds instead of it’s original bird sounds.

Dog Plays Dead

The best drop dead act yet ..


John Marek Plays Drums And Guitar After His Band Broke Up

John Marek – “Back of my Head”, Plays the guitar and drums simultaneously, and he sings too ..

John Marek Plays Drums And Guitar (At The Same Time)

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