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Confused Cop Kicks Officer in the Head

[source: Confused cop kicks officer in the head]

Rough Day at Work

Russian Hitman In The Hood Prank

Flowers Beaten to Death

Paradox Of The Day


That Must Be You In a Mirror

At noon on Dec. 30, protesters in central Kyiv held mirrors in front of police for 30 minutes to commemorate the night of Nov. 30 when riot police used excessive force to breakup a peaceful rally on Independence Square consisting mostly of university students.

Protest of mirrors held to commemorate Nov. 30 police beating of demonstrators / Protesting with a mirror

Police Will Solve It as Usual

Spanish cop forgets to pull the handbrake.

Spanish Police Handbrake Fail

Legalized Marijuana In Uruguay One Day Too Soon Prank

Uruguay is first country to fully legalize cannabis, few days ago, but at the day before the official legalization made a prank on citizens offering free samples in pharmacy ..

Marijuana laws around the world: what you need to know

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